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Are you a couple looking to add some extra excitement and adventure into your relationship? Look no further! Our site is the perfect platform for couples looking for a unicorn. A unicorn, in the context of the dating and polyamory community, refers to a bisexual woman who is open to being in a relationship or engaging in sexual activities with a couple. This arrangement allows couples to explore their fantasies and desires in a consensual and respectful way.

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On our site, you can create a profile as a couple and browse through the profiles of unicorns who are interested in this type of dynamic. You can chat and get to know each other before deciding to meet up and explore the possibilities of a threesome or a polyamorous relationship. Our site provides a safe and discreet environment where you can openly discuss your desires and find a compatible unicorn to join your adventure. So why wait? Join us today and start connecting with unicorns who are ready to make your fantasies come true!

Find Your Perfect Unicorn: Couples Looking for a Third

Find Your Perfect Unicorn: Couples Looking for a Third

If you're a couple looking to add some excitement and spice to your relationship, you might have heard about the concept of finding a "unicorn." A unicorn refers to a person who is willing to join a couple in their romantic and intimate adventures. These individuals are sought after by couples who are interested in exploring threesomes or polyamorous relationships.

Now, if you're interested in finding your perfect unicorn match, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, communication and consent are key. It is essential to have open and honest discussions with your partner about your desires, boundaries, and expectations. Make sure you are both on the same page before venturing into this realm.

Once you're ready to start your search, you can turn to dating platforms like This online platform is specifically designed for couples looking for a third. These platforms cater to a diverse range of people who are interested in exploring non-traditional relationship dynamics.

To increase your chances of finding your unicorn, it's important to create an appealing and honest profile that showcases your preferences, interests, and desires. Be clear about the type of connection you are seeking and the boundaries you have in place. Authenticity is key when it comes to attracting like-minded individuals.

Remember, finding a unicorn is not about objectifying or dehumanizing someone. It's important to treat potential partners with respect, empathy, and consideration. Consent should always be the guiding principle throughout your interactions.

When connecting with potential matches, take the time to get to know them through conversations and ask questions. Understand their expectations, interests, and boundaries. Building a connection and establishing trust is crucial when inviting someone into your relationship.

Lastly, as with any relationship, it's important to communicate openly and often. Regularly check in with your partner and potential unicorn to ensure everyone is comfortable and satisfied with the dynamics. Mutual respect, trust, and clear communication are vital for maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships.

In conclusion, if you and your partner are interested in finding a unicorn to join your relationship, platforms like can be a useful tool. However, it's important to approach this journey with respect, consent, and clear communication. Remember to prioritize the emotional well-being of all parties involved and create a space where everyone feels heard and valued.

The Best Place for Couples Looking for a Unicorn

If you are a couple looking to spice up your relationship by adding a third partner, commonly known as a unicorn, to join you in your dating adventures, then is the perfect place for you! This niche dating website caters specifically to couples who are seeking a unicorn match and provides a safe and inclusive environment for exploring non-monogamous relationships.

One of the main advantages of using is the focused community it offers. Instead of scrolling through mainstream dating platforms where finding a unicorn might be challenging, this website brings together like-minded individuals who are specifically interested in polyamory or threesomes. This targeted approach increases your chances of finding a compatible unicorn partner who shares your desires and understands the dynamics of a couples' relationship.

At, you can create an engaging profile that highlights your interests, preferences, and expectations for a unicorn match. The website's advanced search filters allow you to narrow down potential unicorn candidates based on criteria such as age, location, and relationship preferences. This way, you can focus your efforts on connecting with individuals who are genuinely interested in exploring a relationship with a couple.

Additionally, provides communication tools such as instant messaging and virtual chats, enabling you to get to know your potential unicorn partners before deciding to meet up in person. This helps to establish trust and ensures that everyone involved is comfortable with the arrangement.

Privacy and security are of utmost importance on The website has robust measures in place to protect your personal information and ensures that all members adhere to their community guidelines. This creates a supportive and respectful environment for couples and unicorns alike, where everyone can explore their desires without judgment or discrimination.

So, if you and your partner are ready to embark on an exciting journey of finding a unicorn match, is the best place for you. With its dedicated community, comprehensive search features, and emphasis on privacy and security, you can feel confident in your search for a unicorn partner who will add a new level of excitement and fulfillment to your relationship.